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Birth Of A Genius

Tahar Fazaa

Birth Of A Genius is the English translation of a Tahar Fazaa's bestseller Chroniques Hebdo originally written in French. It is, as the title hints, the chronicles of Modern Tunisia between the country side in the North West and the capital Tunis.

Read accounts of failing farming seasons because of floods and the government inability to alleviate the distress of the peasants, a diverse Tunisia where Maltese, Italians, and locals lived as one diverse and tolerant community, Tunisians who left the countryside to settle in the capital and all aspects of urban life of a changing society. 




Dar Barca for ePublishing recognizes junior writers and is pleased to announce its 2021 writing competition. This competition is open to short stories of students aged between 15 and 17 years old. The contest winner receives a prize of 50 TND and an English book*.

What to submit

Fiction: a short story

Short stories must be typed, double-spaced, and do not exceed 2000 words. Each page must clearly show the author's name and the page number.

Nonfiction: a personal or an opinion essay

It must be typed, double-spaced, and does not exceed 2000 words. Each page must clearly show the author's name and the page number. All entries must be original work, reviewed, approved and endorsed by a school teacher (currently teaching or has previously taught the candidate). The teacher is be Dar Barca for ePublishing contact person should there be any need for contact.

The best writing will receive the prize. Ten winning submissions will be published in a collection book. Copyrights of the book will be maintained by Dar Barca for ePublishing. For more information, please send an email to contact@darbarca.com


Dar Barca for ePublishing is looking for writing that demonstrates originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or personal outlook on current universal issues.


Originality in style and perspective: writing that breaks from convention, blurs the boundaries between genres, and challenges notions of how a particular concept or emotion can be expressed. 

Technical Skill: writing that uses techniques to advance an original perspective or a personal vision or voice, and shows skills being utilized to create something unique, powerful, and innovative.

Steps to apply

- write your piece and revise it.

- ask a teacher who is teaching or has taught you English to review and revise it for you.

- ask the teacher to endorse you (only endorsed submissions will be accepted).

- submit it to Dar Barca's contest no later than February 28, 2021 (link to the application available below too).

* The title can be suggested by Dar Barca for ePublishing or chosen by the winner.

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Dar Barca for ePublishing is committed to assisting Tunisian writers and the local community of readers of English (and broadly foreign languages) in Tunisia. 

We maintain close relationships with Dar Barca's friends through organizing regular special interest meetups (book clubs, short movies discussions, etc.). 

Please contact Dar Barca for ePublishing to inquire or sign up for our meetups. 

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